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Excursion to Tangiers

We are very often asked whether it is worthwhile to go on day excursion to Morocco. To find out we spent one day there with a private guide who was recommended by a friend of us. Our day turned out to be very exciting because it was not the typical tourist trap as are most organised tours to Tanger. We spent a very pleasant day there and would like to let our readers share some of our impressions of the short trip:

One beautiful and warm Sunday morning we took the ferry to Tanger. We were very curious to meet our guide Mohammed who was waiting for us outside the port. But first we had to confront the usual hassel at the arrival. A horde of officialtourist guides were behind us. But luckily having met with Mohammed they gave in and did not bother us again during the whole day.

Our guide showed us the market halls, the souk, historical places and typical morrocan coffee shops. Finally we went to his own private house where a very rich lunch with vegetables and fish was served by his wife. It was a very interesting and peacful day without the usual bazar-running which we knew from organised tours. Of course Mohammed showed us his shop too but we were free to buy or not to buy. Besides he helped us to find the places where we could buy the gifts we had in mind and at reasonable prices. Of course he will get his commission but who minds if the price is okay.

Mohammed speaks Spanish, English and French very well. He is very enthusiastic in giving information about his country, his culture and religion. For us it was an exotic and thoughtful experience which we were glad not to have missed.

While waiting for the ferry to take us back to Tarifa we were witnesses to a fight between two women in the port. In arabic countries such fights are common between women but not amongst men. This is a very different conception to the one that europeans have. And that finally is the point. We were on a trip, only 14 kilometers away from Tarifa, and in another world completely exotic and totally different.

We from Escuela Hispalense (the entire staff), can highly recommend this excursion if only to meet Mohammed. The regular price with the ferry ticket, the round trip and the lunch is EUR. 64,- from Tarifa. If a group would prefer to have the company of someone from our school staff, the cost of the ferry there will be an additional charge of EUR. 50,- which can be shared between all members of the excursion). A valid passport is necessary for all.


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