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For years we have concerned ourselves with looking for adequate lodging for our students in Tarifa. Some prefer to spend little money on accommodation, and others like the standards of their normal living environment. To be able to consider as many demands as possible we have structured our offer of accommodation into the following categories:

Type A: Apartments to be shared with 2-6 other students

Type B: Hostel with rooms to be shared with 4-7 other persons

Type C: Private apartments situated right by the beach; suitable for 2-6 people

Type D: Small studios and apartments right in or close to the old town centre; for up to 4 people

Type E: Host families

Type F: Campsites

We are happy to discuss accommodation issues in advance and provide you with advice about the various options. This way we hope to avoid disappointment upon arrival, since changing apartments - especially during high season - is hardly ever possible.

We haven't mentioned lodging outside of Tarifa, but we do have some possible choices and can gladly present them upon request.

Photos are available of most of the apartments, which we can happily forward to you.

Whenever possible (depending on how full we are) we are happy to offer our accommodation options to former students and any other interested persons too (except during high season). Please send a request by e-mail

Finally we would like to mention that there are no dangerous areas within Tarifa that need to be avoided at night, something we consider one of the big advantages of our town.

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