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It is a well-known fact that Tarifa, Spain, is a high wind area ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing. It is also true that most visitors come back to Tarifa time and time again and admit that they become really addicted to this place, as it is indeed one of the last unspoilt natural paradises in Europe. We, from Escuela Hispalense, agree that it is unique. Former students who took a Spanish course in Spain with us would certainly agree.

At our Spanish language school we talk to people from many different countries and although a lot of them stay in Tarifa they still know very little about its culture and monuments. As we are proud of teaching Spanish to foreign students in these beautiful surroundings we have created this section and would like to invite you to take a virtual sightseeing tour with us. We will occasionally present articles concerning cultural aspects of Tarifa, showing you a monument, telling you more about Tarifa's history or informing you about new activities in Tarifa or in our Spanish language school in Spain.

In our opinion our work does not only consist of giving Spanish lessons. That is why we are keen to spread not only the Spanish language but also the story behind this beautiful town. If you follow our steps you will better understand our passion for Tarifa and its variety. This town is full of nature spots and hidden history. Furthermore this information could be considered as an outdoor Spanish lesson.

Let us tempt you with surprising information about culture, bird watching, whale watching, climbing, etc. - to name just a few topics.

The more you know about a place the more familiar it becomes and a new culture will seem less strange. Then when you return to Tarifa, or come for the first time, you will already be familiar with a lot of things which will make your stay even more agreeable. The final aim of our Spanish language school in Spain is not only to give indoor Spanish courses but to give you a broader view of Spain, and in particular of Tarifa. Learning a language is not only studying grammar but also becoming familiar with the cultural aspects. Sometimes your holiday is too short to give both parts the same attention.

If you are especially interested or curious about any topic concerning Tarifa and its surroundings, please let us know and we will use this section to satisfy your curiosity. Just send an e-mail!

Hopefully you will spend some time with us and enjoy our information page.

La Silla del Papa: Tarifa before the Romans

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