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Special offer available to students from Escuela Hispalense, Tarifa

tarifa whale watching

Experience whales and dolphins in their natural habitats.

Saturday mornings (or Sunday mornings in case of bad weather conditions on Saturday). A 2-hour boat excursion in combination with a 1 1/2 hour slide show about whales and dolphins, which are sighted regularly in the Straight of Gibraltar

The firmm foundation offers the opportunity to observe whales and dolphins in their natural environment. Although the straight measures only 14 kilometers it has barely been explored. The biologists from firmm have been gathering all the important information about the whales and dolphins passing through the Straight, since 1998. The most frequently observed species are three different dolphins and pilot whales. With any luck during springtime we might see some sperm Whales and sometimes from mid July until August even orcas. From time to time we can even spot a fin whale. A slide show will give you additional information about the threatened species of whales and dolphins.

costs: EUR. 27.--

We also offer a package with whale watching, Spanish language course and accommodation in Tarifa.

Light Spanish courses for kids who travel with their parents.

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