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Learning Spanish: The fun way!

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Spanish for Kids (7 to 12 years old)

Our 'Kids Club' is a special form of family holiday. While your children are having Spanish classes, you have time for yourself. You can discover the region of Tarifa, practise numerous sports or simply relax in the Spanish sun. And if you feel like improving your language skills, you too can attend a Spanish course at our Spanish language school in Spain!

Our 'Spanish for Kids in Spain Program' is designed for children who travel with their parents and stay with them. If you want to avoid the stress of having to search for accommodation, we are happy to help you with our offer of apartments, hostals, hotels and camping sites in Tarifa. We can also provide you with information on rental cars.

In the morning we take care of your children and offer them an active and instructive Spanish language classes. We also offer them the chance to meet Spanish children of their own age, who will accompany them during some activities outside the classroom: the perfect opportunity to put the theory into practice!

We want the children to have as much fun as possible, so we have created a varied and entertaining Kids Spanish Language Program. From Monday to Friday the children have two classes of 45 minutes in the classroom in order to acquire some basic theoretical understanding of the Spanish language. The diverse activities outside our Spanish language school will not only help the children to apply their knowledge of Spanish, but also give them a unique chance to experience another culture.

Accompanied by their teachers they will discover the town of Tarifa and its culture in a manner adapted to their age group. Tarifa is the ideal location for a Spanish Kids Program Spain, as the town is not too large and it is regarded as being an extremely safe place. Everything is within easy walking distance.

The opportunity to meet and communicate with Spanish children will serve them well, as they will understand that communication between humans isn't always so easy. We consider it wise to start intercultural activities with children as early as possible to foster the childs understanding of other countries and cultures.

The objective of our 'Spanish for Children Program' is to create an enthusiasm about this insight into another language and culture, which will last long after this family holiday is over. Perhaps we can also strengthen their interest to continue learning Spanish when the course has ended!

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For two persons of the same family we offer a discount of 10%.
Are you coming with three persons of the same family you will receive a discount of 15%.
For four/more persons of the same family we offer a discount of 20%.

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