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Our Concept:
Spanish classes in the morning, sports in the afternoon

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Here at the Hispalense Spanish Language School, our team of dedicated teachers will support you during the Spanish course with a series of structured lessons that will mix entertainment with theory to make them accessible to all kinds of learner.

There is no better way to learn Spanish language than in Spain itself, and even more so here at Hispalense!

We offer the following Spanish courses in Spain:
Standard Spanish course
Intensive Spanish course
D.E.L.E: what is?
D.E.L.E preparation courses
Private Spanish classes
Spanish program for foreigners living in Tarifa
Spanish Brush-up course

For students that already have previous studies in Spanish or a rough knowledge of the language, courses start every Monday. For those students who will be studying Spanish for the very first time, courses start every second week. You can find the exact entry dates by clicking HERE.

The duration of the Spanish courses in Spain is individually chosen by each student. There is a minimum duration of ONE WEEK.

Information about local events and art exhibits can be found through consultation with our teaching team.

Cultural trips are part of the program, with regular visits to Guzman El Bueno Castle, and other sites of cultural interest in the area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further help or information regarding our Spanish courses in Spain. If you are unable to make the course dates provided, in special cases it may be possible to organise a course outside of these dates.

Please complete and send this ADMISSION TEST, in order to allow us to place you in a class suited to your level of Spanish.

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The profile of our students

We have students of all ages, from young adolescents to very mature young people with no age limit, including the children of our Kids Club. The average age of our students is 33 years old.

The vast majority are European, although there are also some from the US and other countries. Almost half are German. Other important nationalities are Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, France...

And many are very active, interested in combining Spanish courses with sports or leisure activities, but others prefer to rest quietly on the beach watching the sunset from a beach bar or walk around through the picturesque streets of the old town. Tarifa has something for everyone!


immersion courses spain
Spanish and Yoga in Tarifa

Yoga is known to be one of the most beneficial physical and mental disciplines that help you improve both your physical and emotional health. There are combinations of exercises that include both mental and physical disciplines, which allow you to achieve overall well-being.

During the summer the yoga classes are offered in front of Los Lances beach in Tarifa.

They also take place in the Beach Club Waikiki and Hotel Hurricane offering Hatha-Vinyasa classes in the mornings and aerial yoga (FlyHighYoga) at the beach bar Demente.

Enjoy the contact with the wind, the sand, the smell of salt, the sun on your skin ...

and after your practice, reward yourself with a juice and the best views of the African continent.

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