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The Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language

DELE is the only worldwide accredited in Spanish as a Foreign Language. The 'Instituto Cervantes' sets the exam in cooperation with the University of Salamanca for the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

The exam can be taken at six different levels:

Level A1

Certifies the linguistic competence of the candidate to understand everyday situations linguistically in every Spanish speaking country and their ability to handle these situations.

Level A2

Certifies the linguistic competence of the candidate to understand commonly-used everyday phrases and expressions related to areas of experience especially relevant to them.

Level B1

Certifies the linguistic competence of the candidate to understand everyday situations linguistically and to react adequately as well as expressing basic wishes and needs.

Level B2

Certifies the linguistic competence of the candidate to communicate without difficulty in everyday situations on a colloquial level without using a special terminology of the Spanish language.

Level C1

Certifies that the progress of the student in the language has been a success, and certifies more than an advanced level of Spanish.

Level C2

Certifies the linguistic competence of the candidate to communicate in situations which require a more sophisticated level plus a good knowledge of the Spanish habits which are expressed therein.

Each exam consists of several tests, which are organised into different groups. To pass the exam, every candidate must pass in each group with at least a 60% of the maximum number of points to be reached.

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The Spanish exams at a glance:

Groups Tests A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Group I Reading comprehension 45 minutes 60 minutes 70 minutes 70 minutes 90 minutes 105 minutes
Written expression 25 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes 80 minutes 80 minutes** (incl. listening comprehension)
Group II Listening comprehension 20 minutes 35 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 150 minutes
Oral expression 15 minutes 15 minutes 15+15 minutes 20*+20 minutes 20*+20 minutes*** (incl. Reading comprehension and Written expression)
Group III
(only for C2)
Reading comprehension and Oral expression 30*+20 minutes
*Time to prepare.

**(incl. listening comprehension)

***(incl. Reading comprehension and Oral expression)

Candidates are free to take the exam either in Spain or in their own country. For students of the Escuela Hispalense the nearest cities where the exam can be taken are Cádiz or Málaga.

All necessary documents for the enrollment can be obtained at the reception of the Spanish language school Hispalense. Please note that the enrollment must be sent at least 5 weeks before the exam date.

The information about the results of the exam is published on the internet about 3 months after the exam. Each candidate receives a password from the centre, where the exam is taken, allowing him to see his results.


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