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Intensive Spanish Course

This intensive Spanish course in Spain is taught over four course levels (A1, A2, B1, B2)

It is the same as our standard Spanish course at our Spanish language school in Spain, There are 4 lessons daily (50 minutes each) in which the 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), additionally with some cultural contents, are integrated with a practical approach and communicative practice. five additional private lessons per week (50 minutes each), which can be customised upon student request.

Timetable: from Monday to Friday 9:30h - 13:30h with a half-hour break at 11:30h
and additional class at 13.40h or 8.30h

Classes consist of maximum eight students.

For the private classes there might be another change of teacher.

*If a student has no peers in his intensive course group, it will be changed to 3 private hours a day but with the same price of the intensive course.

The number of private classes can be increased individually at the request of the student. These lessons can be used for special needs like Business Spanish, Spanish Literature etc.

Course duration Intensive Spanish
1 Week 340¤
2 Weeks 670¤
3 Weeks 990¤
4 Weeks 1.310¤
5 Weeks 1.630¤
6 Weeks 1.950¤
7 Weeks 2.270¤
8 Weeks 2.590¤
9 Weeks 2.910¤
10 Weeks 3.230¤
11 Weeks 3.550¤
12 Weeks 3.870¤
13 Weeks 4.190¤
14 Weeks 4.510¤
15 Weeks 4.830¤

The following is included in the price: Spanish language course, school material, school confirmation and student card

A free tutorial service is also included as well as an evening activity organized by the school once a week.


Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,--
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change)

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