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Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The Council of the European Union has created a framework (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which establishes several criteria for the development of linguistic programs. Thus, it is now possible that the teaching as well as the learning of a foreign language in Europe is based on common standards and the progress of every single student can be evaluated in a better way, no matter where he or she may be in Europe. At the same time it has also become easier to recognize qualifications internationally.

Our curriculum

The Escuela Hispalense has its own curriculum, which has been adapted to the framework established by the Council of the European Union. It is a flexible and open plan, which can be applied to the characteristics of each group of students and includes new as well as traditional teaching methods.

Our method

The method we use in our Spanish language school is based on communication and the most useful teaching methods of the last few years are included in our concept. We also pay attention to grammar and to building up vocabulary. Our objective is that our students understand the important strategies and acquire the necessary knowledge to enable them to communicate in Spanish.

The teachers of our Spanish classes make learning the Spanish language easier for the students by creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The maximum number of participants in each group is 8. Once a week there is a teacher available for a free session, to help the students clarify any doubts that learning the Spanish language might bring about.

The Spanish courses we offer are divided into 4 levels. Each level takes 4 weeks (80 hours of class) to complete and is divided into 2 sub-levels. Our 4 levels correspond to those of the Common European Framework: A1 (Breakthrough), A2 (Waystage), B1 (Threshold), and B2 (Vantage). For the remaining two, C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency) and C2 (Mastery), we offer private or semi-private classes to achieve perfection and for special fields of the language.

On request we are happy to provide you with the detailed objectives of our Spanish course levels.

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