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Kitesurfing courses in Tarifa

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kite surf tarifa
kitesurf tarifa
kite tarifa kitesurfing spain
kite surfing spain
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Spanish Language course standard, kitesurfing lessons and accommodation in comfortable apartments with single bedrooms

The two weeks kitesurfing course has the following options:

12 hours in a group
(1 instructor, 1 kite between 2 students)

9 hours semi-private lessons
(1 instructor, 2 kites)

The course is divided into three parts:

Part 1: On the beach, safety rules, theory, equipment and kite flying. Target: To be able to safely set up a kite, launch and land with assistance, controlling and steering the kite

Part 2: Into the water, self re-launch of kite and bodydrag (being pulled through the water using the power produced by the wind in the kite. Target: Re-launch and steering the kite in the water, flying the kite in all areas of the wind window, maintaining power and speed until the participant can bodydrag one-handed.

Part 3: Board and kite combined, the theory of waterstarts and practise on the water (this is done in pairs).

At the completion of the course every participant will receive a certificate confirming the level reached.

The courses are run Monday to Friday at about 3.00 pm (weekends are excluded). Whether courses can be carried out depends mainly on the weather - and the wind conditions. Choice between several beaches, depending on the wind conditions.

If weather permits and the course can be finished earlier it is possible to rent gear from the school with 10% discount.

The kitesurf packages for two weeks are for beginners and as well for advanced kitesurfers. The advanced ones can be integrated - according to their level - in running courses or get tailor-made lessons according to own needs, ie. jumping, transition, tricks etc. This is done within the group.

The kitesurf package is available all year round.

Would you like to try out kitesurfing without being obliged to do the whole course? We offer the opportunity to participate in the first kitesurfing unit of about 3 hours. If you decide to keep on with the course the price will be according to the price list of the respective kitesurfing school. If you decide not to go on, you pay EUR. 90,--.

Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,--
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change)

kite spain learn to kitesurfing
Light Spanish courses for kids who travel with their parents.

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