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Whenever I am hungry and think about food, Angeles inevitably comes to mind. She spends hours in the kitchen creating the most magnificent Spanish menus. I am lucky enough to have a standing invitation to her house whenever I do not have time or do not feel like cooking. The Spanish hospitality allows me to take advantage of this opportunity without feeling guilty about it. During one of our dinners I asked her if she would be interested, for a small fee of course, in teaching some of our students how to prepare Spanish specialties. Since she is extremely welcoming and social she was very enthusiastic about the idea. She already houses some of our students who live in Spanish families, anyway. This private cooking course for small groups of a
maximum of 4-5 people would take place in the afternoon. The menus will be discussed with the participants before class. Cost for each participant varies depending on the ingredients of the selected menu.

Students who are interested in learning more about the Spanish cuisine can sign up for the course at the same time as registering for our Spanish classes. We gladly welcome any suggestions about this new program.


Spanish and Yoga in Tarifa

Yoga is known to be one of the most beneficial physical and mental disciplines that help you improve both your physical and emotional health. There are combinations of exercises that include both mental and physical disciplines, which allow you to achieve overall well-being.

During the summer the yoga classes are offered in front of Los Lances beach in Tarifa.

They also take place in the Beach Club Waikiki and Hotel Hurricane offering Hatha-Vinyasa classes in the mornings and aerial yoga (FlyHighYoga) at the beach bar Demente.

Enjoy the contact with the wind, the sand, the smell of salt, the sun on your skin ...

and after your practice, reward yourself with a juice and the best views of the African continent.

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