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Student I.D. for students of our Spanish language school

In collaboration with several retailers in Tarifa we are offering a student I.D. card. Students can present this card at selected stores, restaurants and other venues to receive a discount of up to 15%. We suggest that you bring a passport photo on your first day of class (or even smaller size) so you can take full advantage of the student card during your stay in Tarifa. The I.D. card will be valid during your entire Spanish language course in Spain. Our partners in this project are: Almedina Bar, Bossa Bar, Bull Sails, Coyote Bar, Eco Center, Firmm, Turmares, Gimnasio, Bar Marrakech, KTS, Baelotours, Spinout, Tarifa Piratas, Peluquería Carmen, Bar Peña Cadista, APP Informática, New Concept...

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