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By request of some of our private students we developed a Spanish language program that took place 50% in the classroom and 50% outside the classroom. The program is not suitable for beginners. Basic knowledge of the Spanish language is a prerequisite. Additionally, students must be willing to prepare some course work ahead of time before participating in this class.

The idea behind this program of our Spanish language school in Spain is to immediately apply the grammar and vocabulary learned in the classroom. To start out, easy topics were selected, such as grocery shopping. We did of course not shop at the self-serve grocery store, but went to the local market. The grocery list was prepared and discussed in class. Common phrases such as "¿Me pone un kilo de...?" are used. A different topic was selected for every day. Some examples are: apartment rental through a rental agency, interviews with Tarifa locals, rent a car, book travel. Each activity also served to practise a certain tense. At the end of each day the students and the teacher prepared a journal. The teacher answered questions and corrected mistakes he had noted during the day, but not corrected, because he did not want to disturb the student's confidence while they were working.

The students at our Spanish language school in Spain, as well as the teachers, enjoyed the program because it gave them the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the Spanish language. The greatest success was that students lost some of their inhibitions about expressing themselves. They realised they were actually understood and nothing would happen if they made mistakes. Most importantly, they could learn from their mistakes.

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