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Learn Spanish from your home or your office

New technologies also allow new possibilities. Many of our students feel great sorrow when they have to leave our school after doing a course with us and always tell us they would like to keep in touch and continue to enjoy their classes. So we decided to offer classes on Skype.

This option allows us to continue teaching Spanish language and culture both to our students who leave Tarifa and to those who do not know us yet. If you're interested, click here and register in our classes by Skype. We will contact you to find out what days and times fit you so that we can arrange the first date.

As an introductory proffer we are offering single lessons at a price of 25¤/session (50 min.), but you can buy a voucher of 10 sessions for 200¤. The voucher can be used within a period of 6 months.

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