Po lekcjach hiszpańskiego istnieje wiele możliwo¶ci spędzenia czasu wolnego.

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Tarifa, the paradise for sports activities and starting point for city excursions, has something to offer everybody, with its miles of beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful untouched hills.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing are the favourite sports in Tarifa. Everybody can windsurf here - from the beginner who wants their first exposure to the sport, to the "cracks" (experts) who want to show off their skills and be admired. The windsurf base Spin Out offers a 10% discount to our students for the hire of windsurfing gear.

Additional activities are mountain biking, horse riding (guided excursions on the beach and in the mountains), tennis, paddle surfing, climbing, aerobic/step classes, yoga, body building, whale- and bird watching, delta sailing and hiking and they can complement your Spanish course in Spain. Many surfers have started to migrate to our town and during the winter months they can enjoy good waves.

Well-organised day trips from Tarifa to Morocco are also available daily through FRS.

All these activities are parts of a complete Spanish learning program. The combination of a Spanish course in the classroom and cultural activities outside the classroom will help you to learn and understand this foreign language better.

Ruta de Tapas

Our Ruta de Tapas is already very popular with our students. We usually go once a week with one of our teachers to Spanish restaurants to have some tapas in order to show them some typical Spanish food. After this we go to different bars in Tarifa to listen to a Flamenco concert or to learn how to dance some Tango. Sometimes we also visit an exhibition of art or watch a Spanish film together. The idea is to bring the students of our Spanish language school in Spain closer together and to make a further step into the Spanish language and its culture.

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